Beauty Packaging

Beautifying Beauty Products


Beauty products and perfumes are luxury items and should be presented as such.  Brands and retailers alike recognise that every fragrance, face mask and foundation is purchased, not just as a product, but as an entire experience, and that experience begins the moment the customer walks into the store.  Cosmetics merchandisers know they must create a bright, fresh and vibrant atmosphere to draw us in – after all, who doesn’t like to be made to feel special!  The smells are evocative; the colours, inviting.  The displays are tactile and we are willingly drawn in, ready to discover new products which will thrill our senses and enhance our lives.  We fully expect that when we get our new purchases home they will live up to our expectations in terms of the quality of the item and the pleasure it can bring us.

After all this effort, the packaging should not be the weak link in the chain.  No matter how good the product, if it is presented in the wrong way the spell will be broken at the moment of bliss will have gone.  As beauty packaging suppliers we realise the materials we supply to you are a part of this experience, and that their visual and tactile properties must reflect the qualities of the product you, the manufacturer, have worked so hard to produce.

With all this in mind, it makes sense to entrust the design and production of your packaging to a company like Wrapology.  We have over 15 years’ experience in providing cutting edge packaging for luxury items using the latest materials and techniques.  Our products are designed in our London studio and manufactured in China, a process which we control start to finish.  So, you can rest assured that your design will not be compromised by miscommunication or quality erosion, as can be the case when working with separate design and manufacturing companies.

When you work with our London team, our designers and account managers become a packaging development team for your brand.  We understand how perfume packaging differs from skin care packaging, and what different textures and colours represent in the mind of the customer.  Let’s work together to create and instantly recognisable identity for your product.

The World of Luxury Products

Specialist luxury packaging isn’t unique to cosmetics.  Wrapology have also designed packaging for manufacturers of the following items, and the experience we have gained can benefit your brand too:

Jewellery – No one would ever expect an exquisite watch or diamond necklace to be supplied in a paper bag.  Jewellery packaging must show the full visual appeal of the product.

Food and Drink -  Manufacturers of premium food products like to distinguish their brands with high quality yet tasteful packaging.

Fashion – Clothes and accessories designers expect packaging which reflects all the glamour and excitement with which they seek to imbue their products.

Promotional and Corporate Products - Image counts for a lot in the business world.  These items require packaging which speaks of quality and taste.