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We all love to receive a thoughtful gift or token of esteem.  And when the item is presented in high quality, complementary packaging, the whole experience is enhanced.  Creators of exquisite jewellery and fragrances know that employing a luxury box manufacturer to make a gift box for each piece will increase the appeal to each potential customer.


Packaging box manufacturing is what we do best here at Wrapology.  In fact, we are packaging products manufacturers for many leading brands in the worlds of jewellery, fragrance, luxury food and drink, and fashion. 


To make a product as appealing as possible to the eye, it must be presented in such a way as to enhance its aesthetic qualities.  The role of the packaging manufacturer is to create a container which accentuates the form and features of the item.  For example, a jewellery box manufacturer will usually choose a soft, textured fabric in a single colour for the inside of the container.  If a patterned fabric were to be used, the fine details of the piece might be camouflaged.  At Wrapology, we are jewellery packaging manufacturers of many years of experience and have had the honour of working with some of the most famous brands in the industry.


The process of creating the perfect wrapping for your product starts in our design studio.  Our designers have extensive knowledge of packaging materials and manufacturing techniques and can present you with a range of options for you to choose from, or to use as inspiration.  With all the skills and tools to prototype designs in any material, the team will outline your options; wooden box, plastic box, or flat folding box?  Smooth or textured materials?  Hard or soft finish?  The choice is yours.


One the design has been finalised, manufacturing can begin.  Our facility in Shenzhen, China is an advanced and forward-looking factory befitting a luxury packaging manufacturer.  Most of the production is carried out in-house by our skilled workforce.  We also have an excellent local network of specialist manufacturers for when manufactured packaging products require a specialist touch.


Our management team based at the factory are there to ensure the quality of our manufactured products.  Luxury items require luxury packaging, and we aim to deliver to the highest standard every time.  We believe packaging material manufacturers should always strive to supply the packaging which the customer’s product deserves.  We also have a comprehensive international distribution network, to deliver your order on time and in fine condition.


In many industries, promotional material is key to getting your products seen.  Every gift box, advent calendar and printed carrier bag will project your image to new customers.  Luxury packaging manufacturers work hand in glove with product manufacturers and marketing teams to present their goods in a manner which will have a broad appeal.  Experience counts for a lot, and here at Wrapology we’ve been manufacturing product packaging for the finest brands for years.  Contact our team today, and see what we can do for you.