Examples of Jewellery Boxes Designed by Wrapology

Examples of Jewellery Boxes Designed by Wrapology


Choosing the perfect fit of jewellery box manufacturer to suitably represent a product that you’ve invested a lot of creative energy and money into can be a daunting prospect. From the inception of the design idea; to the creation of the jewellery design’s prototype; to its production stage – we understand that your product is essentially your baby – and at Wrapology, we’ve worked with a number of high profile clients to create the ideal luxury jewellery packaging.

 Your jewellery box design with ourselves doesn’t have to be strictly for the sale of your new product line, as many previous clients have used our design and manufacturing expertise to create event invitations and awards/prizes related to their jewellery

Henry Holland Event Invitation

One of our proudest creations here at Wrapology is the Henry Holland SS15 House of Holland show invitation for London Fashion Week. With a Jumanji style wooden box – engraved with the fashion house’s label – that opens up to reveal a terrarium and the gifted ring as an invite to the show displayed on an electronic turntable, the design encapsulates the consistently-surprising and engaging nature of Henry Holland’s sartorial creations.

Presentation Jewellery Packaging

Our jewellery packaging isn’t only restricted to jewellery boxes: we can also work with brands to design keepsake bags and presentation jewellery bags, which the label’s jewellery box can be stored within. This was the case for an iconic jeweller who designed a set of jewellery boxes and bags with ourselves here at Wrapology, in a brand-aligned colour palette of white and blush pink, finished with the brand’s logo.

Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Boxes

These beautiful – yet consistently versatile – jewellery boxes complement the brand’s delicate and minimal jewellery designs. The pop of striking green against the plush black velvet ensures that the products look on-trend and stylish, without detracting from the actual designs themselves.

Jersey Pearl Boxes and Jewellery Pouches

To perfectly round off your selection of jewellery packaging, opt for Jersey Pearl’s idea with a beautiful material jewellery pouch for gifting. This non-tarnish brushed cotton cloth is easily printed with your company’s logo, ensuring that clients will be able to easily identify their jewellery and will serve as promotion of your brand within their jewellery collection.

Dionne London Jewellery Boxes

Lined with beautiful satin and finished with a long pile velvet for jewellery presentation, this sophisticated box design is one of our favourites here at Wrapology. With plastic injection moulded boxes, the jewellery is presented in a consistent, clean manner – allowing the product to truly speak for itself and delight clients.

Contact us here at Wrapology today to discuss how we can work together – from design brief to mass production – of your jewellery line’s packaging. Whether you’re simply looking for a presentation jewellery box, or would like a memorable event invitation incorporating your jewellery brand, we have the expertise, experience and creativity to make your product pop.

 Our team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding the ordering of your luxury jewellery packaging.