Luxury Food and Drink Packaging

Five Examples of Our Luxury Food and Drink Packaging


If you’re looking for packaging for different beverages and food, whether chocolate boxes or other food, at Wrapology we offer bespoke packaging and have an extensive list of pleased clients. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on five of our favourite projects for which we have produced beautiful custom-made packaging, including Peroni, Hotel Café Royal, Prestat, Conscious Water, and Pizza Express. Whether for chocolate, drinks, or a special gift, we are able to provide you with the luxury food packaging of your desires.


Our Peroni packaging was produced in 45 days, and shipped in 35 days, giving a turnaround time of just 80 days. These packages were made as cylindrical boxes with a lift-off lid from a 1200gsm grey board, covered in 157gsm art paper. You may be familiar with the design from supermarket gift bundles that can often be seen around holidays such as Christmas. They offer a delicate and high-quality luxurious feeling for the customer.

Hotel Café Royal

The Hotel Café Royal packaging was produced within the same timeframe as the Peroni packaging. For this bespoke project, we collaborated with the leading design agency Pentagram to create a product that was truly unique. A range of packaging was included in this project: both boxes and a carrier bag. The carrier page was produced using 250gsm art card and featured a matt OPP film. The boxes were provided flat and are easy to fold into place.


For the Prestat project, we were also able to manufacture and complete the shipping within 80 days. These chocolate boxes were made from a thicker art card, with a thickness of 350gsm. They were printed in offset with matt OPP film and a gold foil print, which is instantly recognisable as the luxury chocolate brand. Featuring a crash lock base design, they are both easy to assemble and strong enough to protect the chocolate truffles, including a 17gsm food safe tissue paper.

Conscious Water

The Conscious Water packaging clearly represents the brand, featuring a Tyvek-like paper, they benefit from being water resistant and tear resistant, with a soft and smooth surface that reflects their beautiful design. They are designed to fit thirty servings from the brand of flower extracts, and are printed in CMYK offset printing. The bamboo closure also reflects the idea of nature for this brand. In order to facilitate consistency, we also produced the corrugated cartons, leaflet and 3-pack packaging.

Pizza Express

Finally, for Pizza Express we manufactured these gift boxes for celebrating fifty years of the brand. They were designed to hold a small bottle of prosecco and a glass. Both the tray and the sleeve box were made from 1200gsm greyboard, including a gloss lamination on the CMYK printed design. There had to be a balance between style and function to make sure that the products would remain intact whilst in transit.

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