Fragrance Foundation


Mono Material

The box is made from 1 material only; Paper.

This makes the box exceptionally easy to recycle anywhere in the world.

Sustainably Sourced

No rainforests were harmed in the production of this box because the paper is FSC certified.

This means the paper originates from a managed forest where trees are replanted.

Whether you choose to use recycled paper or not, always ensure the paper is certified from a managed source such as FSC or PEFC.

Petroleum Free

This product and its external packing is completely free from plastic.

The product was produced using only FSC paper

The product was produced using only FSC paper with 10% wastage from the material

Responsibly Manufactured

This product was produced in China by Wrapology to ISO14001 standards which ensures that the treatment of labor complies with global labor laws.

Naturally Degradable

Fodder for your compost heap.

Whilst this product is easy to recycle, should this not be the case the product consists of unbleached paper and uses water based glues and inks.  It will degrade safely in natural conditions.

Reduced Waste

During the production of this product, the usage of materials has been optimized to reduce waste as much as possible. 1 sheet of card produced two boxes and fitments with less than 10% wastage.

The product was produced in an ISO14001 standards factory

The product can be easily recycled or will safely degrade since there are no harmful chemicals involved in its production.