Food and Drink Packaging

How We Can Help with Food and Drink Packaging 


When you’re providing your customers with luxury or gourmet food and drink, it is vital that the packaging it comes in is equally as luxurious. With our food and drink packaging, we aim to reflect your brand, so that every part of your business is seamlessly connected.


We know that both the food and drink industry are highly competitive, so it’s important that your brand rises to the top, enticing buyers into the lifestyle it represents. Food and drink tend to become a part of people’s identity, as well as forming memories from childhood to adulthood. People will form associations between your product and what it stands for, so it is wise to consider what impact your packaging is having on the market.


In order to stand out from the crowd, you need packaging that is truly unique. At Wrapology, we offer our clients a completely bespoke service. We balance speed with quality, capable of producing our custom food packages within approximately 80 days from the initial ideas sketches to the shipping of your final packaging design. There are many ways that our food and drink packaging can be implemented, including gifting ideas and promotional giveaways. Once you have consulted with us about your aims and aesthetics for the packaging, we work across London, in England, and Shezhen, in China, to create your prototype. When you give your approval, we then manufacture your range of packaging products for your food and drink items. Lastly, shipping usually takes place within the following 35 days.

Previous Examples

One example of beverage packaging we have worked on, is Peroni Nastro Azzuro, making use of its branding in a simple and clear design for use in supermarkets as part of the gifting section. It boasts a skilful cylindrical design, featuring a lift-off lid, strengthened with the use of 1200gsm grey board, and covered in 157gsm art paper. When it comes to food, we developed the Prestat boxes using 350gsm art card, with features such as the distinct gold foil print. A luxurious chocolatier, we lined the boxes in a coloured 17gsm food safe tissue paper. Favourites of the Royal Family, and famed for being one of London’s oldest chocolate shops, this example highlights the calibre of companies that we work with to create bespoke packaging for food and drink. Other household names we have worked with include Hotel Cafe Royal, Conscious Water, and Pizza Express.

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