Environmentally Friendly Packaging

How You Can Make Your Packaging Environmentally Friendly


Whatever product you’re selling, at Wrapology, we know that your customers expect the best packaging with their purchase. Unwrapping beautiful packaging is part of the pleasure of purchasing luxury products. It’s important to give customers a positive experience that they would be proud to share. However, it is increasingly a concern as to how we can achieve this high quality experience with caring for the environment. Although there aren’t official requirements for what makes packaging environmentally friendly, there are some considerations we can take in order to create the best of both worlds.

Recyclable Materials

If packaging is made from recyclable materials, this means that it is possible to recycle the packaging and so there is less contribution to land-fill sites. In order to do this, minimalism is key. It is a common thought that luxury packaging must consist on the use of plastics, paper and metals. However, in order for packaging to be recyclable it is necessary to use as few materials as possible. This means not using additional elements like OPP lamination, magnets or VAC trays. Plastic is increasingly a problem for our seas and oceans, so although plastic has a longer recycling life span, if it leaks from the recycling chain, it does not break down in the same way as paper. Additionally, bio-degradable plastic has the benefits of degrading over time, but on the other hand, it can’t be recycled as easily as other plastics.

Recycled Materials

Furthermore, the use of recycled materials to create your product packaging can put the stamp of being environmentally friendly on your brand. Nevertheless, there are some factors to be aware of when using recycled materials. Some recycling processes ironically use harsh chemicals, for example, bleaching paper white. These chemicals may get into rivers, which is clearly bad for the environment and defeats the purpose of recycling these materials. As well as poorly managed processes like this, it could be the case that the material originates from an unknown source, risking the chance that it comes from illegal or damaging practices. Here at Wrapology, we make sure that the recycled materials we use are manufactured in a sustainable way.

FSC Approved Materials

One way we can make sure that we are using the right materials for environmentally friendly packaging is by using FSC approved material. With this certification, we can we certain that the paper and materials originate from a sustainable source. This is even more important than the use of recycled or recyclable materials because otherwise you run the risk of using materials that come from illegally sourced products from cutting down rainforests. Wrapology is fully FSC certified, and we are able to provide evidence of exactly where the materials for product packaging come from.

Factory Certification

Additionally, our ISO 14000 factory certification relates to environmental management. This helps to minimise any negative environmental impact, including any changes to air, water, or land. It also ensures compliance with all laws, regulations, and other requirements connected to the environment.

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