Over the past decade there has been a monumental shift in social attitudes as to how brands produce, procure and consume goods. Lead by figures including David Attenborough through his groundbreaking documentaries Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, it is becoming ever clearer the impact that our current consumption levels are having on our planet and the animals with which we co-exist.

Everyone has a responsibility to consume sustainably and responsibly. But how do we set about trying to create packaging which not only enhances a company’s brand and message, but does so in a sustainable manner?  

One of the key issues with the concepts of ‘sustainable’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ packaging is that they are themselves very subjective terms. There are certain phrases which can appear great on the surface but be far dirtier the closer you look. It is important, therefore, that you not only know what sort of materials you are using, but how they came into being.

The best example of this is when using ‘recycled materials’ to produce packaging. This is becoming an ever increasingly popular trend with brands using recycled ocean plastics to produce clothing.  

On the face of it, this concept of using recycled materials is a fantastic use of matter but it is crucial that this recycling process is expertly managed from cradle to grave. For example; recycled paper if not managed with sustainability in mind, can use excessive energy (created by burning coal), water and bleaches – all of which could be dumped directly into the eco-system.

As an environmentally conscious supplier, our main message to brands looking to make their packaging more sustainable is to mix as few materials as possible and ensure the materials used are sourced as sustainability as possible.

Our range of environmentally friendly products use paper and card from an FSC source, water based inks and glues and avoid mixing multiple materials together. That means the products can be easily recycled or degraded without polluting the eco system.

We have 1000’s of variations to choose from that will reflect the ethos of your brand. If you would like a consultation with one of our expert team – please contact us today.