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Quality packaging produced for brands within the jewellery industry.

When you are looking to find suitable packaging for your jewellery, it’s important that it reflects what is inside. Whilst it may be important that the packaging functions well and is able to protect the contents, it is equally important that the jewellery packaging reasserts your brand values.

At Wrapology, we make sure your jewellery packaging represents your brand to the very last detail. Jewellery packaging is so much more than a box or a pouch. It is a symbol. When your customers buy your jewellery, they want to be able to relate with the symbolism of the brand’s packaging and see themselves as in fitting with a certain lifestyle, whether sophisticated and subtle, or quirky and cool.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying jewellery brands with bespoke packaging through every aspect, including additional elements such as polishing cloths, receipt envelopes, ribbons, gift bags, and mailing boxes. It is these small details that make your jewellery brand stand out, and make the customer feel that they have indulged in a worthy product.

There is a whole array of materials to choose from, such as wood, paper, plastic, and metal, as well as more alternative materials such as leather and fine cotton. We use these materials, and implement your brand name into the packaging design. We are even able to create and execute branding for new jewellery companies.

Our team spans from the UK to China, with jewellery companies across the world coming to us for our jewellery packaging design services. Our design team is based in London and our factory in Shenzhen. With a fully audited factory, we manufacture jewellery packaging for leading jewellery retailers, with a production line of millions of units with global distribution.

For best results, we advise our customers to leave a minimum of 2 weeks for sampling, followed by 4 – 6 weeks for production, and 4 – 5 weeks for shipping. Our minimum order quantity is usually 5000 units, yet we are able to produce smaller quantities if your project required fewer.

Please contact Wrapology for all your jewellery packaging needs, where we are able to provide a quotation for your brand’s packaging project. 

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