Jewellery Box Wholesalers: Information on the Design Process


Beautiful packaging has the power to make the experience of receiving jewellery as special as the product itself. With luxury jewellery packaging, you can make your jewellery the most desirable on the market. With our extensive experience and success as a jewellery boxes wholesale company, we can create for you a luxury brand of packaging that brings to life the values and opulence of your jewellery products.

Our aim

As a jewellery box manufacturer, our aim when designing our packaging for your jewellery is always to remain authentic to your brand. We want our packaging to bring to life your brand and vision of your product. In the design process, we aim to channel your brand in everything from material choice, surface textures, print treatments and structural engineering. Whilst maintaining your brand positioning, however, what we can promise to add to the image of your product is a sense of sophistication and class. With our professional service, we will design an entirely unique range of jewellery packaging including tissues, ribbons and labels for your jewellery that is guaranteed to entice customers.

The steps to designing your luxury jewellery packaging

Stage One: The first step we take to designing packaging for jewellery is always to produce the first round of samples of the product. This will bring to life our initial vision and ideas for the design of packaging for your product. We usually do up to two samples, so there is plenty of room for critiquing and changes to be made if you wish.

Stage Two: The initial sample is then followed by digi colour mock-ups, pre-production print samples and print tests. This stage is a more detailed version of the last which shall help you to envisage the final product.

Stage Three: At this stage, finished samples can now be tested in lab conditions to stimulate climatic conditions and client compliance.

Production: Once the three above sages are complete and the samples have been successfully approved, mass production of your custom jewellery box can then begin to start.

Time scale

Usually, we can supply you with a mass amount of custom designed jewellery boxes from as soon as 10 weeks from the initial contact with the client. The sampling stage usually lasts around 2 weeks, production takes 4-6 weeks and shipping takes 4-5 weeks, particularly with larger orders.

Benefits of working with a jewellery boxes wholesaler

With our experience as a jewellery pouch supplier, we have excellent insight into the packaging industry which enables us to source the most resourceful and economic methods of mass producing packaging for our clients. This helps us to reduce packaging costs and waste in the production of our jewellery packaging.

Whilst we aim to provide as efficient a service as possible, the design process can be as elaborate as you want it to be. As well as the above three steps, our packaging design service can include a sampling and prototyping service, to explore and develop ideas to perfection. There are also options for exploring materials and productions techniques further such as draw downs, print trials and product testing. With these extra steps, you will have greater control over the exact jewellery packaging supplies that are decided on.

Who to contact?

Here at Wrapology, as professional jewellery boxes wholesalers we provide key markets with branded product and retailer packaging. With a group turnover of $11 million and a number of prestigious clientele, you can be certain that you will be placing your company in the best hands. We pride ourselves on our eye for luxury, providing only the highest quality of jewellery packaging for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss our services further with us and discover how the highest quality of jewellery packaging in the UK can change your business.