Luxury Jewellery Packaging Range for Robinson Pelham

Luxury Jewellery Packaging Range for Robinson Pelham
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Jewellery Boxes open


The striking range of jewellery packaging produced for the Robinson Pelham brand reflects the character of the brand. 

Based in London, Chelsea, the brand has a 20 year history producing bespoke and ready to wear jewellery. The jewellery is all made in the U.K with incredible attention to detail that embraces colour through gemstones and precious metalwork.


The packaging for the brand features a range of luxurious jewellery boxes, mailing boxes and pouches. 

The jewellery boxes are constructed using a MDF frame that is wrapped in a dyed orange paper with soft touch lacquer to give it a silky smooth feel. Inside the boxes, a microflock fabric wraps the fitments that hold the jewellery in place. 

Its great to see a brand being so confident with colour especially a jewellery brand who usually prefer more muted, reserved colours such as black and white.
The bright orange and fluro pink gives the packaging a joyful, vibrant feel where as the darker grey provides a more formal, serious backdrop to the jewellery.
The MDF frame gives the box a weighty, quality feel and the way in which the paper wraps the box, gives the box a clean, minimal look. 

Mailing boxes were developed for online sales; The design on the outside of the box is neutral and understated helping to reduce the chance of theft. The inside features the brands iconic orange colour which gives a nice surprise during the unboxing experiance. 



An MOQ of 3000 pcs per size is required as many of the materials are dyed and made to order
A production time of 45 days should be allowed as well as at least 1-2 months for artworking, prototyping and development. 
Once the packaging is manufactured, they are shipped to U.K where they can be stored and called-off by the brand. 

For more information or for a quotation contact us


Minimum Order

3,000 units per size


45 days


35 Days

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