Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging 


Is ‘luxury’ packaging just a fancy box? No, it’s a communication tool between a brand and a consumer. It’s a personal touch, developed to enhance the buying and unboxing experience, with the aim to build brand loyalty and ultimately, lifelong customers.  Oh, but it is fancy too… 

Packaging manufacturers are based all around the world, however, the handwork found in the Far East is arguably the most skilled and the supply chains are the most vast, making it the ideal location to source and produce luxury and product packaging. 

Output from all kinds of material manufacturers, specialising in papers, woods, plastics and fabrics, are combined on assembly lines creating endless and truly bespoke packaging opportunities.  Those specialising in luxury, tend to add details such as foils and textures, which are not only visually pleasing but create tactile experiences for consumers too. Something you just can’t help but to want to pick up and find out more about. 

As a supply chain specialist, Wrapology manages the entire process from start to finish, carefully selecting the right materials for each job, giving clients the opportunity to browse through catalogues, to both inspire and make recommendations on. If you want bling, we’ve got it. 

Whether it’s packaging for a diamond ring, luxury fragrance, or premium leather goods, the process always remains the same and is vital to ensuring the job runs smoothly. 

Every project starts in the sampling studio, where luxury packaging is developed from basic white samples, through to what we know and are attracted to on the high street shelves. Structures of all different shapes and sizes go through multiple approval processes before the job is finally booked in and the mass production can commence. 

Brands add value through cleverly designed packaging, manufactured in ethical ways and overseen by a team of experts who know and understand the manufacturing process each step along the way.  Past projects and new innovations are exhibited across 2 showrooms, both in London & China, where all the elements that bring together luxury packaging are showcased in all their glory. 

Research has shown that consumers are willing to spend more on the product if the packaging is luxurious. If the packaging is of premium quality that’s made to last, the box or bag it comes in then has chic reusable value in storage, transport or even pure decoration. 

With the shift to being more green, why shouldn’t your bag for life ooze luxury?