Ottoman Hands Paper Pouches and Mailing boxes

Ottoman Hands Paper Pouches and Mailing boxes

Ottoman Hands is a British fashion jewellery brand founded on values of historic craftsmanship, reimagined with contemporary elements of bold, fun and beautiful fashion trends.

Wrapology worked with the jeweller to create a sustainable plastic free jewellery pouch to hold their bracelets and bangles. 

The pouches are made using a washable paper that is stitched and finished with a bronze fastner to seal the pouch closed.
Plastic free and hard wearing washable kraft is becoming increasingly popular since it can be easily recycled with paper unlike other fabrics. It also takes print extremely well and comes in a wide range of materials and colours. 

The downside of this material is that it is fairly rigid and stiff and less forgiving than a fabric. But for jewellery brands looking to be sustainable, these pouches meet our 6 pillars of sustainabilty and are one of the few alternatives to traditional fabrics such as PU/plastic aka vegan leather, cotton or suede. 

If you would like a quotation for Wrapology to produce your brands jewellery packaging, please contact us. Our minimum order qty is typically 5000 pcs per SKU and lead times for production are 45days + development time of between 15 to 30 days. 

Our huge archive of materials will ensure that we can produce something unique for your brand. 







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