Packaged for Christmas

Packaged Especially for You This Christmas


With the lead up to Christmas, jewellers will desire a packaging that befits the products on sale, reflecting the brand identity and showing gift-buyers they are purchasing something of quality. Whether you are a small or large business, there is sure to be something to suit you. as jewellery box wholesalers, we design, manufacture and distribute jewellery packaging for a range of purposes. 

Bespoke Design 

Here at Wrapology, we offer custom designs for jewellery packaging across the UK, and the rest of the world. Whether you want pouches or boxes, fitted with labels, ribbons, or tissue, we have an eye for detail to ensure you will be happy with the finished product. We know that brand positioning is of the upmost importance, and we help your name stand out from the crowd with a careful selection of materials, surface textures, print treatments, and structural engineering. Our process includes a development through first round sampling, digital full-colour mock-ups, as well as pre-production print samples and print tests, so you know what you are getting in the end. 

Making Magic 

Not only do we test our products in lab conditions, our machines and techniques make use of the latest technology to create your bespoke jewellery packaging. Our products are subject to fully accredited with AQLs designed for each project, in order to comply with our certifications. We have twelve specialist divisions, so you know your packaging is in the hands of industry experts. During the manufacturing process we are able to use an array of different pre-chosen materials, papers, fitment, and structures, and use a variety of different printing and finishing techniques. Highlights include embossed branding, use of glitter for that Christmassy feel, and scented inks for that extra-sensory experience. 

Direct to your Door 

As a UK company with distribution hubs located in China – as well as at storage centres across Europe, Asia and America – we are able to offer global shipping. We understand that our clients are often likely to operate across a wide range of countries and continents. For this, we hold an import/export licence, and a Global Tracking System to follow the movements of your jewellery packaging at any point in the supply chain as your order makes its way to you. As a part of the whole process, we provide project tracking, so guarantee your bespoke jewellery packaging boxes are delivered in timely fashion. We work with you in partnership to make sure you are happy every step of the way. 


Contact Wrapology today to discuss how we can work together to produce your perfect jewellery packaging. Our team are always available to answer any queries you may have concerning your order of your luxury jewellery packaging. 

When you use Wrapology bespoke packaging, you can be sure that your customers will treasure not only what is inside it, but also the beautiful boxes themselves. We have a proven track record with an impressive array of previous clients in creating luxury brands of packaging that reflect your company values and the splendour of your jewellery products.