Paper Rope Handles

Paper Rope Handles


For a carrier bag to be truly 100% recyclable it should avoid mixing materials. That means no use of plastic (plastic handles or plastic lamination) and ideally no use of cotton cord or handles – which have to be removed during the recycling process. 

Strictly paper. 

Wrapology is pleased to offer a truly 100% paper bag using paper rope handles; meaning your bag can be recycled with all your other paper products.














Whilst your brand may choose to use a cotton handle, often the cotton is woven around a plastic core.  This makes the handles completely unrecyclable and therefore, potentially the bag (unless someone is willing to remove the handles). 

The examples shown here all contain plastic and undermine your efforts to produce an environmentally friendly bag. In some cases, the use of the plastic in the handles means your bag is subject to a plastic tax. 

4 Options to choose from:


We offer the handles in 4 different options for paper rope handles ;

1) Knitted Cord – No Filler

2) Knitted Cord – With Filler

3) Braided Cord – No Filler

4) Braided Cord – With Filler


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