The Art of Wrapologys Packaging Design

The Art of Wrapology's Packaging Design 


At Wrapology we offer our clients so much more than simply packaging, with our bespoke services providing you with creative product packaging designs that extend to e-commerce as well as the beautiful tactile packaging that your customers can treasure along with their jewellery. Read on to discover more about the art of our packaging designs and how we can work with your company.

Designs for Every Industry

At Wrapology, we specialise in jewellery packaging, yet we also put our 15 years of expertise to use for many other industries. These include beauty, fragrance, technology, sports, giftware, homeware, and even the food and drink sectors, as well as many more. We have experience with an extensive list of major brands to create luxurious packaging attuned to individual brand identities. No matter how big or small your company is, from small start-ups to global leaders, we are able to cater to your needs.

Designs for Every Purpose

Our product and jewellery packaging development offers a service that looks at every last detail, including branded ribbons, tissue and labels. Similarly, we can design in-store packaging, enabling staff to hand wrap purchases with tissues and wrapping, using swing tags, as well as any necessary items pertaining to the product, including boxes and carrier bags. For e-commerce businesses, we also provide services for boxes, bags, wrap and labels to be mailed to your customers. Lastly, we also work to create whole ranges, for example when your company is launching a new product.

Designs for Every Aim

Offering our bespoke, creative product packaging design service, we are able to work to your brief and tailor the process to work with whatever aims you may have for your company. For example, you may be working within a particular budget and seek to reduce your usual packaging costs, whilst not compromise on the quality. It may be the case that you are concerned with environmental factors and desire to reduce the packaging waste, whilst we can ensure you that the necessary parts are unique to your brand. We work with a wide range of different materials, providing customers with a stunning tactile experience, and we are happy to collaborate with you to think particularly about the materials and structures used in your designs. Whether you want to refresh and rebrand your existing packaging, or develop a brand new line, we will be more than happy to start a new packaging design journey with you.

Contact Us

If you would like to discover how we can creative your ideal packaging designs, please get in touch with us through our web contact form, or by emailing us at On our contact page you will be able to find all our contact numbers, should you wish to speak to the team directly. We will be glad to answer and of your queries. Get in contact with details of your brief in order to obtain a quotation for our product packaging development. Our design service includes a sample and prototypes, and explorations of materials and production techniques, working with you every step of the way.