HOTEL CAFÉ ROYAL Food & Beverage Packaging

The Benefits of Packaging 


In an increasingly competitive environment having a strong and unique brand has become ever more important.  Research has shown that visual packaging directly influences consumer perceptions of food product quality and contributes to brand preference (Wang, 2013)*. This principle is well understood, appreciated and incorporated into Wrapology’s processes. 

We recognise that attracting customers and generating brand loyalty is a key pillar of any successful marketing strategy for the food and drink industry. Here at Wrapology we are best placed to enable this through our bespoke packaging solutions. 

Whether you are a beer manufacturer or Michelin star restaurant, Wrapology offers the highest quality solutions for food, drink and beverage packaging

Wrapology’s offer for food and drink 

We offer a tailored bespoke service capturing the distinctive aspects of your brand, representing the vision underpinning your business. These include food packaging boxes, food box design, luxury food packaging and drinks and beverage packaging. 

We are also able to think ‘outside the box’, incorporating your ideas into innovative, creative and distinctive solutions. We are able to source and produce products outside of our standard range to suit your business needs. 

Our expert and highly professional teams will lead you through our three-step process to ‘Develop, Manufacture and Distribute’ your bespoke designs.   

The process 

Develop – we will work with you to understand your vision, aims and objectives in order to create innovative and custom food, drink and beverage design solutions. We work to understand the optimal design including aspects such as logos, colours, size, structure and finish.    

Manufacture – Once you approve of the initial design, within 5-7 working days we will generate a near-finished version of the design for your approval – whether it is luxury or creative food packaging designs, responding to any suggested amendments. This rapid service is unique to Wrapology. We then produce a sample of the finished product for final approval.  

Distribute – Upon production, we work closely with our factories in China to quality assure your custom food, drinks and beverage packaging and deliver them on time. 

Our custom packages are created within an average of 80 days from drawing up initial designs to the shipping of the chosen packaging designs. Food and drink can also be implemented into gifting ideas, and PR-suitable giveaways, promoting your business in a sophisticated and shareable manner.  

Our Clients 

We have worked with established brands such as Pizza Express, Peroni Brewery and Prestat Ltd (one of London’s oldest chocolate shops – recognised for its expertise by none other than the Royal Family with two Royal Warrants, illustrating the calibre of businesses we work with) and Harrods to design and implement their bespoke idea for their products. These included custom gift boxes for VIP customers, food box design solutions, drinks packaging design, custom food packaging and luxury food packaging. 


*Wang, E. S. T. (2013). The influence of visual packaging design on perceived food product quality, value, and brand preference.