Jewellery Packaging - key ingredients

The Ingredients that makes up our Jewellery Packaging


Much like cookery, jewellery packaging is both an art and a science. At Wrapology, we know the importance of aspects of jewellery packaging manufacturing such as the materials and precision of design, and we know the significance of the creativity that is required to create a brand’s jewellery packaging that truly reflects the precious contents inside. Today, we are going to tell you about the nine vital ingredients that make our jewellery packaging so magical.


At Wrapology we are passionate about creating beautiful packaging. We are continually innovating the ways in which we work in order to keep that passion alive, and to constantly create packaging that makes both us and our clients excited. This passion is then guaranteed to be noticed by customers receiving these stunning packages that they can treasure forever.


We know that there is a lot of competition when it comes to jewellery. We support both small companies and major jewellery brands by catering to whatever budget you can afford. What we always make sure to do is to create a packaging that really stands out from the crowd and says something about you and what your brand represents.


Working between the UK and China, we have a precise structure to our processes, with our design team based in London, and our factory in China. This ensures a smooth process from the design stage, right through to manufacturing and distribution.


Due to our wealth of experience, we have been able to expand our services and cater to the needs of leading jewellery brands across the world. We can deliver on a global scale, wherever your company is based. Additionally, this means we also have the capacity to offer extremely high volumes of packaging.


We are FSC accredited, which means that we work in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council to make sure our packaging products are environmentally friendly. We set AQLs (Acceptable Quality Limit) for each project in order to keep to these high standards.


We produce the highest order of luxury packaging, and offer a world class service. We always stand by our commitment to this goal, and it is our highest priority.


At Wrapology, we are all about detail. It is the little things, the smallest touches, that really make our bespoke service so special. We have twelve specialist divisions so we can make sure we achieve perfection at every stage of the process.


Just because we are able to create so many quantities of packaging does not mean that we fall short when it comes to quality. With care and consideration for each and every project, we make sure to pay attention to the finest details, because we know our work represents our quality and reliability as a company, as well as it representing your own brand.


It’s possible to witness what we do first hand by coming to view our factories and production processes. We work with all our clients in partnership, combining our design team’s creativity with your company’s vision for your brand in order to create beautiful, bespoke jewellery packaging.

With all these ingredients, we know you’ll love what comes out at the end, and so will your customers.


If you would like to discover more of the magic of Wrapology’s jewellery packaging, please visit our web contact page to get in touch. There you will also find the details to contact our global offices directly. Our team will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have about any stage of the process.