Jewellery Box Manufacturer

Choose Wrapology as Your Jewellery Box Manufacturer 


Here at Wrapology, we know that a gift is not complete without some gorgeous packaging match. Our amazing team are dedicated to designing and developing gorgeous bespoke jewellery packaging for our clients, taking your jewellery to the next level of luxurious.

If choosing between jewellery packaging manufacturers is proving to be a difficult process, let us give you a few reasons as to why we think you should choose us! 

We can give your luxury items the packaging to match 

Jewellery packaging has the power to make the act of giving jewellery into an unforgettable experience. Our team of highly talented designers are experts at creating jewellery packaging that is both extremely high quality whilst having its own unique look. As well as luxury jewellery packaging boxes, our service also provides polishing cloths, receipt envelopes, ribbons, gift bags, and mailing boxes to complete the gift giving experience. 

We shall produce packaging entirely unique to your company 

Our aim with our packaging design process is to channel your brand’s image through the packaging that we create. Whether your brand represents all things quirky and unique or stands for something more sophisticated and elegant, we’ll create the box that brings the character of your company to life. We aim to give your customers the ability to interact with the personality of your brand through our packaging. By buying your jewellery they are buying an image for themselves, and we shall reflect this in our jewellery packaging design.  

We can help to strengthen your company’s branding 

Having packaging that is unique to your product is a great way to make your company and brand more recognisable to clients. The packaging we create for you will have your company name and logo embossed onto the surface which will help increase recognisability of your company amongst customers. With our help, you can reinvent or develop your company’s existing identity, making your jewellery more marketable in the long term. 

We encourage a collaborative partnership between our team and yours 

To ensure the best final results with our packaging, our team of designers shall aim to work closely alongside your team to ensure that we capture the exact image and vision that you have for the final product. As a part of our service, we shall provide you with samples and prototypes of the packaging we have designed for you throughout the production process, to ensure that both parties are entirely happy with the direction of the project. We shall also provide draw downs, print trials and product testing to give you the chance to explore your options of materials and different production techniques. 

We are committed to finding sustainable and ethical production options

Our clients are always informing us on new ways that we can reduce packaging waste to help us to develop our company in more sustainable ways. As well as this, in operating our factories abroad, we are committed to the ETI base code. The ETI base code includes promises that good, safe and hygienic working conditions will be provided for workers, that employment is freely chosen by workers, that child labour shall not be used under any circumstances, that living wages are always paid and working hours are not excessive for employees.

Searching for jewellery packaging?

Looking to discover the power of luxury jewellery packaging? Creating bespoke, luxury packaging since 2001 and with clients in different locations across the globe, our team here at Wrapology are here to create the perfect custom jewellery box to represent your company. We are happy to work as the jewellery box supplier for brands of all sizes whether that’s large established brands or start-up companies. 

For more information or to receive a quote, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we shall be more than happy to advise you in any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you!